WANDA’S Couch:

Women an STD’s

Girls girls girls…Please protect your self before you wreck yourself!…It is so much easier to avoid it than it is to catch it. We are trying to avoid stressful situations that may control our eating habits. lol lol

True Story:

A perfect couple in everyone’s eyes but behind closed doors they were perfect enemies. They committed adultery on each other constantly, unfortunately the man didn’t protect his self often because he felt “safe” with the women he was seeing. Previously they tried to set each other on fire, kill, and stab each other but they will always make up. Physical and mental abuse was all over this relationship. Lets not even mention the drugs involved. As time pasted she would refuse to fornicate with her husband so, he continued to see his “safety net” the mistress. Months pasted and the mistress went for a regular check up she decided to get an HIV test and little did she know she was positive. She went back and told the man, his reaction was vague. For the first time in months he approached his wife and caressed her and manipulated her into thinking they were “making love” and making up. He didn’t protect himself he gave her HIV and she gave her mistress HIV also. He said he did it because she was constantly cheating on him and she was disrespectful and she deserved it. The man passed away shortly after telling her she was HIV positive. He was struck by a truck on his way to a Dr.s appt.

Wanda Barrera