Woman are such succulent creatures. In most cultures we are raised to cater to our men, and/or to be fantastic mothers never really to worry about yourself as a women. I guess the idea of worrying about yourself is going to the OB/GYN, and why is that? “you must take care of the vagina its your bread winner.” Bread winner meaning if u stop sexing your partner he wont support you, the man must always be happy. How about the woman when is she happy? Why are we not taught to work hard like men are. Why are us “girls” encouraged to get an education but in reality we look for men that can financially support us. Why are we not taught to be handy like men, there isn’t always a man around. Why are women not encouraged to be strong and independent like men, instead we are raised to cook, clean and be submissive. Why is there such a big enforcement on woman respecting men? Why cant we respect each other equally? What happened to “Don’t do to other what you wouldn’t like to be done to you” Ironic don’t you think? I still don’t understand what separates woman from men apart from genitals. We are all created equal and deserve the chance to be proven wrong. Break the cycle and raise our generation to become more independent. Men and Woman should stand tall at the same level of liberty. Always remember men cry too and hurt just as much as woman. Put your brains to work and worry about your own, in reality no one absolutely no one is forced to give you what you need and or want and that’s what makes it so hard because that’s the biggest responsibility in your life is supporting yourself. As a result of woman being raised to be submissive towards men the men take advantage and relationships become violent, traumatic, controlling, and unhealthy. All because men have been raised to be superior and can’t accept a woman trying to be superior. There is nothing sexier than an independent woman that can stand strong, that is well educated, well employed, well established, and can get down in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the playroom. Ironically men pass up chances with powerful woman, why? because there intimidated. Remember these are things that are not actually voiced more like something in the nature of reading in between the lines, its also not in reference TO ALL WOMAN ITS just some of the growing Hispanic female population. Please comment and state your opinion. Here on Wanda’s Couch there’s never a bad or wrong comment.