BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER! no matter how we see it……Unfortunately, family is the only shit we have to eat, at least in my eyes. Especially family that you are with everyday we are not talking distant relatives. Family is such a beautiful thing even more so when everyone gets along. If you treat others well god will treat you well…I’ve learned the hard way, that aggression gets you no where, it only give you bad karma.

Being independent plays a big part in life helps one move forward with less trauma, and more confidence. It also aids in what i call  “BS syndrome”,  in dependency clears you from eating less peoples B.S…., unfortunately not everyone thinks BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER… Some people are willing to help family some are willing to help sabotage them. Unfortunately, that’s the biggest disappointment in life, a messed up human being. But the better person will keep going, become more independent and carry on with life respectfully.