Abuse comes in all forms and most of the time starts at home..abuse can be verbal, mental, physical etc…abuse can be so discrete that u wont know its abuse…most common abuse is.sexual…

True Story

A mother living with her new husband daughter is 14 and son is 16. As her “perfect” relationship grew greater n greater her daughter grew greater n greater. The husband started to notice the daughters assets. He started his manipulation game..he would comment on how lucky he was to have a beautiful step daughter, he started to admire her she eventually became his ‘favorite’. He would take her shopping for clothes n he would have the “decency ” to wait outside while she bought under garments ( you would think he’s respectful) this went on for 3 years.. one day he decided to ask her if she wanted to put on a fashion show for him stating its the least u can do is show me ur cloths..she did it without a question

…after there were no more cloths to try on he asked to see her in her under garments…she said no that’s to much..he said no its not I’m almost like ur father I love u come here give me a hug n a kiss


…he hugged her romantically n she felt uncomfortable..she modeled her winnie the pooh PJ ‘s not her undergarments….he laughed and said how cute now go change.

She said no…he became furious and said she must obey or he will stop spoiling her..they argued back n forth n she didn’t change into her undergarments..moments later dinner was served and the mother was home..dinner was delicious..little did they know that he had put something in his wife’s drink to make her sleep..after the wife slept he gave.his favorite some juice with the rape drug in it..moments later he raped her almost lifeless body….he took advantage of her innocence she was a virgin…He manipulated her for years by buying her clothes spoiling her and favoratizing her. He must have felt like it didn’t work so he forced his way through with a rape drug…he scared her for life..the mother never found out n this went on for years. Daughter became a prostitute and unfortunately caught HIV..

she volunteered to sex her step dad without the drug he was

so happy he didn’t think twice…she gave him HIV and her mother…

She said they both deserved it even her mom cause how stupid could she be …sadly daughter died next to her step father the mother got lucky n didn’t get it….