Some people consume to get away, some consume cause their addicts, some consume cause they don’t know any other way of living.

The most common source of income in the drug game is prostitution. Surprisingly woman aren’t the only ones doing it men do it also its a growing population. Unfortunately, the street can make you or break you. There are different types of addicts. Some use illegal drugs like crack, cocaine, heroin, etc. Some use legal drugs like, pain killers, anti-anxiety meds, alcoholo. Some are even sex addicts and the list goes on and on. Sex & drugs come hand in hand. Ironically the mind of an addict is similar to the mind of a loving mother. An addict will go to the extreme in order to get drugs meaning the person will steal, prostitute, work for a week just for the pay check, steal from family and friends,and a loving mother will go to extremes to provide for her family meaning making an honest living. People shouldn’t judge a person because they are an addict, they are humans too and just like its one of them it can be one of us or your children. Addicts need love and affection after all this is why they are addicts they are looking for fulfillment that only drugs give. You know why?  because, drugs “don’t talk back”, drugs “listen” “make u feel warm inside” drugs are a “mental getaway” and so is sex i guess that’s why they go hand in hand. Drugs are everywhere and accepted by none which cause people to hide and get high to run away so no one can see them, some like the thrill some like the comfort drugs provide. It would be nice if we eliminate drug trafficking, there would be less crimes, less STD’s on arise, less stress, happier people, even things you wont imagine will improve, so the only way that we can control that is talking to the new generation making them wiser so they will make wiser choices, cause at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what they know its what they believe in because everyone has a mind of there own.

True Story

Male of the age of 18 raised by the streets is a heroin addict.

Life hassles and changes led him to prostitution and drugs. Homelessness led him to mental instability. Hunger led to malnutrition low self confidence. Drugs made him feel “alive”, drugs will pause everything that was happening rather negative or positive. Until one day he decided to turn his life around and started drug rehab for non intravenous use of heroin. His life had finally took a better toll for about 1 year, until a fellow rehaber that was not clean using the system to get high for free with methadone introduced him to intravenous use, and stated “man this is some good stuff but u gotta inject it or else u will waste it”  as he contemplated what his next move will be he thought of his wife, his new family that loved him and of course in desperate action he took the opportunity, and as soon as it hit his veins his thoughts cleared. To make a long story short it was an ongoing battle with drugs until one day his worries drove him to suicide. He overdosed, which was his wife’s biggest fear. At the end of the day the people suffering are your surroundings not the person cause there high not thinking nor worrying about nothing.

True story