Let’s give thanks to God that we are okay, fed everyday, clothed, clean, bills paid, etc. We are good compared to other people at least we have decent jobs, decent careers, and a good support system. There are woman that are out there looking for a Sugar Daddy to take care of them. In my opinion, woman look for sugar daddies because there daddy is not giving them any sugar meaning; there fathers don’t give them love or they don’t have a father, or a decent male role model. Again lets take the time and give thanks for everything that we have ever obtained in life, lets thank god for life and lets also thank god for blessing us with our life’s paths rather its a good path or not, eventually the grass will get greener. Let’s thank God that we haven’t had hardship like other do, especially in other countries. Lets pray for others to prosper, and to not be hungry on thanksgiving..:.)…

True Story

Female 22+ in NY, profession trick.

Gifts, money, surprises, and wrinkled old perverted men. Sugar Daddies seem cool until you don’t want to have sex. As she continuously played with this old mans emotions, sexing him for gifts, loving him for money, and lying to him about her feelings she one day started to feel disgusted and started to lean back and not sex him as much and still get “donations” from this man.  One day he got tired of begging for sex he raped her, he raped her numerous times. After every rape he would shower her in gifts, Tiffany’s, Zales, Coach, Chanel, Gucci, you name it she had it. All for the price of her vagina. After so man rapes she became immune and when he noticed he figured she liked it, he started to beat her repeatedly saying “you like it ruff right u stupid little B*^ch, you love it when i rape you and beat you call me daddy” and she screams in agony daddy, daddy, and then she starts crying daddy daddy she ripped of her diamond necklace and cut her wrist in an suicide attempt which was unsuccessful. That same night he raped her again and sodomized her and shoved her panties down her throat and chocked her to death while raping her.

Unfortunately her life took this toll. There are people that are worst than us yet we complain about nothing. Lets give thanks on thanksgiving for our health independency, strength, and intelligence because not everyone has those qualities. If you know anyone that is going through a ruff time please extend a hand, don’t allow for others to go down a negative road if you can help it. If you give god will receive.  Spread the love on Thanksgiving and maintain the habit and spread the love everyday as much as possible.