Men are known to be the stronger ones or are they?.. Men should cry it would be easier to handle a problem instead of raging. Men need to learn how to communicate and differentiate the difference btwn emotionally coping and denying it. Emotionally coping is more like trying to intact your mind with your heart and figuring out a away to solve the issue or to deal with the issue in a manner that allows you to still function with out being depressed or anxious or as depressed or as anxious. Denial is the most common method used by men, it is easier to push it aside compared to emotionally coping with it. But think about it are you really dealing with it.. Your situation just got worse by denying it.

Men and what they really mean

When he says hes not ready, he really is..

When they say they don’t want to fall in love. he really means he does…

When he says whats wrong, he really wants to talk about his day…

When he asks you for the time, he really wants to know is the food ready..

When he says i got this, he really means can you help me…

When he says hes happy, hes more sad than ever…..

One of the things that men do say and mean is “idk how i am feel right now, my feelings are like a roller coaster”.. Its the best answer because it is the honest truth….

The point is they hide there feelings and emotions i guess that’s why in certain countries male suicide rates are high. Especially with this recession that doesn’t allow these poor men to feel sufficient and since they don’t express themselves often enough they don’t know how to process stress and emotions and the easiest way out is to suicide.

Ladies take the time to understand the men in your life. Take the time to listen because they do talk you just have to take the time and read in btwn the lines i call it “Manglish”