Is love real? Does it exist ? Can you find love online?  Can you find love in a club? Can you find love on the train? Can you find love in a family circle of friends? Can you see love when its in your face? Can you admit your in love even though he/she is not? Can you deal with not being reciprocated? What is love..

In my opinion love is a battle field. The battle of differentiating the custom of being with that partner and the true love behind it.

Getting use to a person is way different than love. When you are use to someone your actions come out of habit, custom, routine and not from love. Things made out of love are spontaneous, surprising, and romantic. There is nothing romantic of being accustomed to one specific person. It might just be selfishness or just not being able to admit that it’s love that one is feeling.

Love is when all routines are put aside and one still remembers the heart one feel in love with not the routine there life has turned out to be. This is what makes break-up so difficult its the custom of not having that person there. In reality love is when you want to see the person happy and if a break up will make the partner happy therefor you should be happy. Love is when you want nothing but the best for that person. Love doesn’t happen over night nor will a marriage work if it does. What people also confuse love with is attraction. The devil wears Prada ladies and gents so watch out for the pretty or hansom ones. Love comes from a persons pureness and innocence from their thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods, l and actions. Love comes in all different shapes and forms but the foundation is the same. You love a person for them not for what they do for you or what they can do for you. I guess when i ask why do you love me I want to hear, because “you are caring, loving, smart, sympathetic, empathetic, you have shown me your sincerity your genuine i trust you with my heart” , and listen closely people “I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US” not “I love you because you do everything for me you cook, clean, sex me the way that i like it, and you can hold down the house”. Hence ladies, have you heard this one “I love you because idk i just love you”

“Love is as natural, as natural remedies it works with time, nourishment, faith, maintenance, and origin (Wanda Barrera, wandascouch)……