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Trust and Truth

Which one is it?


Trust comes, not only from being honest but from being reliable. How can you tell if someone is lying. Is it really ones lack of confidence that makes you under-estimate the other party? or is it that honesty doesn’t matter anymore?

In my opinion truth and trust is required to maintain any relationship but unfortunately it’s difficult to achieve the both at the same time you know how it goes “if it’s not one thing its the other”. The truth can be hard to swallow but sometimes you have to hear it. Just because someone is honest doesn’t always mean that you can trust them, you can still do some grimmy business and then be honest about it, that doesn’t stop you from doing certain things it just proves you are straight forward.  If your going to say you are honest you must mean it!!!…

In my opinion “trust” is within the person. No matter how much you show or prove honesty, integrity, faithfulness, and all that good stuff doesn’t matter at the end of the day that person will never completely trust, most of the times it’s when their lacking confidence. Real trust is based on a persons actions: Are they creditable?, Responsible?, On-time?, Does the person Keep THEIR WORD?, you know the “basics”.

Red flags deceitful: Stories don’t match, caught in lies, nonchalant about important situations, the one that is most important UNEMPLOYED for over 6 months without a valid excuse ex: disabled, still in school, attending a sick relative, person is ill, unable to find work in field BUT you can visibly see the effort in the job hunting. There are many more red flags like they are green flags but we don’t have that much time..:.)…The point im trying to make is please get to know the person you are dealing with rather its a friendship, relationship, or a family relationship either way communication is required ask questions be smart and aware and don’t be in denial when you think someone is not good, not everyone is good, not everyone has good in them, and not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.