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I ask myself why? Why do people do the things that they do? Why as a mother your judgment is so poor? Why are things not always as they seem? Why Why Why and Why?

Although most of what I posted takes place in Nevada the point is that it is happening everywhere. Just recently a woman gave birth and dumped it in the trash. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE! Is it really post pardum depression, is the person REALLY THAT  mentally ill, I’m beginning to think there can’t be that many crazies in the world, although out of every group of 4, 1 has a mental illness rather its depression anxiety schizophrenia, bipolar etc.. I still feel that shouldn’t justify such a cruel action. If that’s the case mental health evaluations while pregnant shouldn’t be taken lightly. MAYBE psychologist don’t know what to do anymore. You can’t control a persons thoughts nor can you trust that one will reveal all their thoughts. I really hope and pray that the world will be a better place, we as people need to come together and help make the world a better place by reducing all the negativity like: violence and abuse. Take time to share caring words with others take the time to listen. NOW THINK ABOUT THIS! If you think about it people who abandon their babies have to talk to someone before they do it, apparently someone is not listening out for there cries. How can you as a friend not know that your friend is going though something. Look at the girl who dropped off the two girls in Brooklyn she probably called a friend before she did it and tried to seek advice and was shut down. This might not be the case all the time but it can be sometimes. We can make a difference if we communicated more often.

I am astonished by the amount of Woman that abandon their child yearly.

Courtesy of: News One http://newsone.com/nation/newsonestaff3/children-single-parents-u-s-american/

One in four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent — a percentage that has been on the rise and is higher than other developed countries. In the African American community, 72 percent of Black children are raised in a single parent household.

Courtesy of http://www.helpbabies.com/faqs.html

FACT: A baby is abandoned every 14 seconds! Can you BELIEVE in 1991, 22,000 babies were abandoned, in 1994 over 25,000 babies were abandoned then in 1998 over 31,000 babies were abandoned? That is a drastic increase of 10,000 ABANDONED BABIES over a period of seven years. How many babies have been abandoned over the last ten years? Every 14 seconds a child was abandoned in 2001! This situation has gotten even worse in recent years. It’s hard to imagine how high those numbers are now, because no statistical data has been compiled on a nationwide basis for abandoned children in the most recent years.


There are other options Safe Haven Law this applies to all hospitals I know for a fact Elmhurst hospital participates in it so other hospitals might partake in it as well. Spread the news let people know there are more alternatives. Don’t dis guard of a baby likes its recycling have a f##k heart.

Abandoned Babies© was created to eliminate newborn baby and child abandonment. Our aim is to first focus on rescuing those babies that have been abandoned in the streets from physical abuse, rejection, torture and death! The infant will be given health care, rehabilitated if necessary, provided for and loved. Searching for a stable, permanent home with a family to continue to love and care for them is our next step. Secondly, giving pregnant females the option to KEEP THEIR BABIES, or give them to up “NO QUESTIONS ASKED!” without the worry of prosecution. Because of the level of complexity related to an abandoned child, we will work with pregnant females up to the age of 18, who are thinking or who have decided to abandon their babies before they have committed the act.

We have National and International interests to start programs in other States and Countries to complete our purpose. If you are interested in our program for your state, please email us at Info@HelpBabies.com

We are NOT a distributor for a baby factory, and by no means encourage childbearing females to abandon their children, but rather assist them to become responsible and productive parents and citizens. We accept the fact that abandonment occurs regardless if most of us choose not to! The Organization is also prepared to deal with ALL issues surrounding abandonment, some of which are abuse, neglect, maltreatment, health care and psychiatric evaluations and treatment. Most importantly, we will create awareness in our communities through means of education and advocacy; for without community knowledge of Abandoned Babies© we can not eliminate abandonment.

FACT: The number of abandoned, neglected and abused children in Nevada counties is astounding.

Published by State of Nevada Child Abuse & Neglect Statistics 2002

A Baby’s Life is a Terrible Thing to Waste!©
Things happen in life that we do not always plan for, and maybe some of them we are not too proud of. Unplanned pregnancies can be shocking, but you shouldn’t worry, if you don’t want the baby.…there is HELP!
Instead of abandoning your baby, why don’t you let an adoption agency find new parents for the baby?

Adoption! Why Not? Every child deserves a chance to life and an opportunity to live life to the fullest.
Give the baby this chance! Because if you don’t want your baby, you can still plan for his or her future!

An adoption agency can help you find a responsible stable new loving family in an healthy environment, who can support the baby and take care of all of his or her financial needs.

Benefits for you:

1. You will know that your baby is safe and alive.
2. You can choose what type of parents you want for your baby.
3. You can give your baby the name you want it to have.
4. You can feel better because you made a better choice.
5. You can still keep your secret!
6. You can choose to see the child again some day if you want to!
7. You can choose your baby’s religion.
8. You will bring joy and happiness to someone or a family who may not be able
to conceive and or give birth to a baby.
9. You will give your baby a chance to life.
10. You can choose not to see the baby ever again, but at least you will know
that he is going to be taken care of.
11. You don’t ever have to take the baby home; the adoption agency can
arrange for the state to keep the baby once you give birth.
12. There are so many other advantages, benefits and reasons to
choose adoption instead of abandoning your newborn.

Benefits for your baby:
1. Your baby can find you if you he or she chooses to.
2. Your child can have a happy life and grows-up to be successful.
3. Your baby will have loving and caring parents.
4. Your baby will be provided for and have a new home.

Benefits for the new family:
1. They will have a chance to share their love and life with a very special baby.
2. They will have joy and be happy.
3. Their family size will grow.
4. They will be very grateful to you for giving a part of yourself to them.
And many, many more reasons.

There are many types of adoptions:
1. Domestic Adoptions
2. International Adoptions
3. Private Adoptions
4. Open Adoptions

Every person’s background is thoroughly checked out, when applying to adopt a baby to ensure the baby will get a good and safe family.

For more information on adoption, you can call 411 and ask the operator for a list of adoption agencies; they, too, will keep your secret!

FACT: You have a choice: a safe and healthy decision for your baby even before he or she is born. Most importantly, please make a healthy and safe decision to deliver your baby safe and unharmed.

If you are hiding your pregnancy (keeping it a secret/haven’t told anyone.) and or scared, afraid, ashamed and don’t know what to do; DON’T panic! And please DON’T abandoned your baby! You may have questions that we haven’t covered here. Please talk with us, either by phone or email. We are an anonymous network that can help you – we’ll never ask you your name!