How do you tell your partner you are just not into him/her anymore?

Dear Mary Varges,

Hummmmm.. How do you, tell your partner your just not into them anymore…..Well lets face facts, you’re not just telling them you are not into them you are also rejecting them and rejection should be carefully expressed.  I would take into consideration the personality of the person and be honest. If you really think about it all that extra rah rah rah stuff is unnecessary it would just make the situation worst. Talk calmly not upset to make sure you are making a rational decision. Also make sure you have reached your limit in trying to make the relationship work and that you are sure you want to end this relationship, quite frankly after you tell someone you are not into them the relationship is practically over. Don’t bad mouth him/her and say ” we can’t be together because you drive me insane, and your crazy”. It would be better if you said “Unfortunately, I feel like I have come to the end of my rope. We have both gave this relationship the best we had and still we have reached no where, we have gone above and beyond to please each other and nothing I think that we should just separate, for now it’s permanent but you never know where the world might take us and we reunite again but until than I would like to stay separated from each other it’s in our best interest to be apart”. Now of course this advice is for the mentally sane, not the mentally disturbed. If your partner has mental health issues you will approach this in a different way like for ex: You would still approach in a calm setting but in a familiar setting ex; where he spends most of his time rather it is his favorite room in the house, over dinner, in the park at work where ever you think the partner will feel comfortable and be straight forward but sugar-coating it a little. Remember with the mentally ill you can’t be to bold but you can still be honest. “Honey, I was thinking, are you happy with me? (regardless of the answer you are going to say no). I am not happy anymore in this relationship, I know you have tried your hardest to make this work but I just don’t think this is going anywhere. I would love to make it work but unfortunately we have tried everything there’s nothing else left but separation if we continue like this we can end up hurting each other.” keep in mind you must keep a calm concerning tone when rejecting someone who is mentally ill you’re not trying to upset them or insult them rather it’s a bad relationship, a good one, or one that just didn’t work downgrading never helps honesty does. The most important thing in break up no matter the mental state of the person is STICKING BY YOUR WORD NO MATTER WHAT…If separation is what you want separation is what you will get. Separation shouldn’t have to involve children if any and separation shouldn’t hurt as much as being jaded. When you separate it’s because your ready not because you want him/her to chase you.

Good Luck