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Dear annonymoys,

Should you leave your spouse if the sex isn’t good or if his penis is small? Is sex really that important? Is it true what they say “If you don’t screw your partner someone else will”?..

Sex is a huge problem in most relationships. Sex should be consensual and never forced. Sex should be fun sex, exciting, pleasurable to both partners, and freaky in your own way. Sex can initially start good and end up bad even if the penis is small see, it doesn’t matter the size it matters how one works it. lol lol..Before you call it quits with short dick man try a few things. Try enhancing the sex life start by telling him you want to get a little more exciting that your starting to get bored in bed, always remember most men won’t say no to what is girlfriend wants to do even if you think it’s to kinky he doesn’t. lol lol. After you get his go ahead you take a tour of the sex store. Now, while at the sex store you must be careful with what you buy start small don’t scare him either he might be shy..lol..Try dildos, erotic games, sexy lingerie, porn whatever you see at the store that you think might help. The more aroused he gets the bigger it can get well at least harder. Try relaxing your partner this will allow blood flow to flow smoother, start with foreplay, freaky oral sexy, and then the kill different positions is always best. If after all of this you are still not satisfied than my advice would be yes leave him. Achieving orgasms is very important. It helps relieve stress, it is good exercise, helps keep spirits young and it’s healthy to have orgasms because of the release factor when you orgasm you release stress, anxiety, energy increase, put person in better mood, happier people = happier world :.)..sex with your husband should be minimum 5 times a week in a healthy sexual relationship and of course I mean achieve orgasm not just sex on the contrary not having a orgasm can make your feel :./…

In my opinion the government the presidents and the conspiracy gang should have more sex maybe they would be happier and make less stupid mistakes. Most of these men don’t have sex there too busy and I would think the woman are turned off by their greedy and sick mentalities. Pussy is not essential to them and that’s why they are miserable and make these stupid decisions to rule the world like we are worthless animals like the way they feel. If they had more sex their confidence will be higher thus, helping make better decisions with a clear concise head free of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Men that don’t have sex like the ones I explain above eventually have affairs like Bill Clinton and whoever else in the political circle were caught cheating and sleeping with same-sex people as well. So i guess its true if you don’t sleep with him/her someone else will. Not in all cases this is true but in most it is.