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I’m beginning to think you hate me. I wonder why you are the way you are…I’m talking about you and you. If it is not one thing it is the other. Why do you love me than hate me? Why do you act like you care and you show you don’t? Is it so hard to say some kind words? Am I too nice or to mean. Do you think I’m crazy, because I think you are. Are you really that happy or are you fronting because I think you are sad? Are they all the same, we all do breathe the same air. Could it be something in the air that’s making them act this way. Why must you insist on talking to me like that? Why do you insist on not talking to me. Why is it when I’m ready you are not. Now all of sudden there’s no time but you have time to make yourself happy. Are you selfish?, because im not.

No it isn’t fare at all..If it’s not you it’s me and if it’s not you it’s me again. Why does it have to be that way. I understand you have issues but put your part in and act your age not your shoe size. There’s only one person that will hug me and make me feel safe but that’s my secret. At times I lay at night and think what should I do, am I really wasting my time? This can’t be just it. The shitty end of the stick can’t always be my end, I like the clean end also where the grass is greener and the air is cleaner. LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS BUT CAN I CATCH A BREAK!  I don’t understand what you are going through but I hope you get over it soon. If you love you miss and if you miss you fall in love and I don’t feel none. Has my heart turned to coal is my soul in a hole? Can I come out of my shell and you won’t yell? Let me be me and you will see. I can be a pie but if you try me ill make you say oh my :o! Sometimes I just want to cry but that’s not alright. I will never cry another tear of pain I will only cry for happiness. What upsets me the most is that you know everything that is going on and that has gone on and you still don’t respect me at all not one bit it’s all about you, When is it going to be about me? I try to make it about me but you don’t let me. I try to make myself happen but you shut me down every time you see me smile. You smile when I frown isn’t that ironic or is it normal to you, it’s ironic to me. I will only cry tears of happiness, I want to enjoy life with you my perfect prince and no one else but you make it so hard, I found you and then I lost you but I still love you I guess I’ll see you in another life or when I get there and I am anxiously waiting for that moment to relive my life with you and make life together till eternity just like you always wanted. I will love you always and I’m sorry that I had to move on but I wish that I didn’t it’s worst than it has ever been and I wish I was there with you but I can’t force upon our reunion it would be sin and I want you in eternity and the only way that would happen is if I make it to heaven. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and I found my love and he’s gone. I will never love anyone the same again and I am okay with that. I hope you and you won’t get offended that my heart will never be yours completely but it is what it is my heart belongs to you my love and ill see you when I get there baby I love you and always always will…..