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Happiness comes from within and it shines. Positive energy is contagious and it shows. Confidence is unique and it is noticeable but FAITH faith tends to  shine, be contagious, and noticeable all at the same time. Faith is the route of all happiness rather you believe in god or just have faith in life. It is important to dream and base goals on your realistic dreams. Faith comes in all shapes and sizes don’t be fooled and don’t let the devil take you down. Strive for what you believe and push others to do the same. Life won’t get better unless you share the love. Do things that make you happy. Enjoy life. Live everyday like it is your last. Fall in love with good people. Respect yourself, be honest, loving, caring, fun etc… Think positive at all times. Block negativity as much as you can and most important don’t let others take you down. Monkey see monkey do is not necessarily a bad thing but use it in a positive way.

True story

Faith is in your power.

Miracles are possible if you believe. A child of the age of 7 had kidney failure on both kidneys do to his diabetes. His parents prayed everyday, they were praying for this little boy in chains of family and friends she also went the extra mile and called a prayer hotline to pray for her. Miraculously days later the little boys kidney got better instead of having both kidneys in danger he has one way better he doesn’t have to go thru dialysis and he can live with one kidney. Thank god, universe, goodness or whoever you believe in for all the blessings that come your way. Being ungrateful won’t take you far. “Faith will take you where you have to be” (Wanda B.)….