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Death is knocking on the front door. Everyday it’s a struggle. Shelter, drugs alcohol, and sex The life that we live is an everyday struggle. Makes one not want to live no more. Don’t let your struggles bring you down let y them take you higher. Life doesn’t throw anything at you that you can’t handle. Our bodies are made to be destructed and reconstructed. We constantly fight with our mind, body, and soul.

THE WAR, the fight between your heart and your thoughts. The less you see the better but the more you talk the more trouble you see. Life can tell a story and there will always be someone with a better story. Everybody has problems, its how you over come them eventually the sun will shine again. Struggles come in all shapes and sizes; hunger, being homeless, an addict/alcoholic, pregnant and alone, abused, battered and shattered or just plain being alone, the list can go on and on, we obviously don’t have the time for that but we do need to take into consideration that life isn’t always easy but if you maintain a level head wise actions and positivity any situation should be solved.

True Story:

As he grew his life took turn. His pain turned into bitter sweet memories. His time was unworthy. His presence was diabolic, but his heart was gold. As time pasted the pain took over he turned to the magical world of darkness. A world where anything desired is granted. The world took him under as the pain increased. He experienced life in the dark and never saw the light. He prayed for the pain to go  as he had a war with his heart, suicide thoughts came to mind but he said “the devil hasn’t won”. He continued his life of darkness. Numerous attempts of suicide were just a memory now and the sun still didn’t shine. As his last suicide attempt he saw GOD and God told him ” give me your hand and I will free you of all your pain, when you open your eyes a new life will behold you, but if you turn back the hands in time, we will meet again” Miraculously he lived and finally saw the bright sun light. He is now a lawyer and graduated with honors. Happy endings can only be given as your own destiny. The new sunrise after a storm is happiness. The most important thing is your faith. Even if you fall you will get up!