Do guys like it when you talk dirty to them and if so how do you go about doing it the right way so that you can keep your man happy and satisfied?

Dear, Dirty talk

There are a few ways to keep a man happy and sex is one of them..

Yes, most men like to be spoken dirty to. Men are similar to woman they want to feel sexy also. They love it when woman show them sexual attention. I say start the dirty talk after you start to have sex but If you would like to start before it must be taste full like in a flirty way. Comments like “you look so sexy today, I love your outfit”, I love the way that you smell, come closer” not to touchy more verbal, compliments are great also. Not to often either, we don’t want to make him think negative. The key is start once you both feel comfortable with each other, in other words the awkward moment is gone.

Talking dirty after you had sex with him is much more fun…lol..and easier to come about because of the comfort level. I would start by bragging about how good the sex made you feel and how you would like it next time, by boosting his confidence you will see better results. He would be much more relaxed and willing to share his freakier side and be able to put all his might in it with confidence, and the most important he know that you are k with it and he is not violating you in any way. Confidence is what creates good sex and good times. The feeling of being at ease with your partner lol lol..

Keeping him happy and satisfied is quite simple just stick to the rule “Confidence is what creates good sex and good times”. They are very much like women they just don’t voice as often as we do and they have a penis…lol lol..being casual is important don’t make it seem like you’re trying to hard fit it in with your personality. You will never go wrong with a little flirty confidence. lol

I hope that this was helpful.