Adventure excitement and thrill is missing. Is that so? Or is it your self-esteem.

What is really missing? Is it your hope?

The woman that doesn’t believe what he is saying is the woman that wants to believe it and will like it just based on pleasing herself. Woman need a constant self esteem boost and when a new man with new vocabulary comes along we think wow a new person likes me I must really be beautiful and boom she falls round like a meatball…and shatters hard like a Christmas ornament. Its artificial and temporary your self-esteem should last a lifetime not a moment. Women cheat to make themselves feel good, and not because your current bf isn’t doing his job, its because you haven’t. He is only responsible for your happiness and that depends on how you intend to receive it. If your not happy nothing anyone else does will make you happy so stop trying and start living. It is possible to live a relationship free of sin but it’s a big step too fidelity. Always remember cheating is fun exciting and free but it’s a cheap high. You will feel like your being saved from your misery but you are really being put deeper into. Love is an action not an emotion and betraying someones trust isn’t an action of love, its an action of selfishness. Women feel it’s natural to nourish and while having an affair a women feels like shes being nourished.
The boo is always true, we think until he makes you blue. Cheating is an addiction and like any addiction it needs a cure. Take a cup of self-esteem a day and your urges to find peace in someone else will decrease.

True story

As her husband grew an obsession she built a passion for her lover. Her husband was becoming diabolic about her love her time and her cold personality. He spent nights crying and praying for her return when taking her midnight strolls. She was in heaven when she was with him. He was there for her when her husband was taunting her. He was there to fuck her and eat her pussy like he couldn’t. The sex was so good she will call his name in distress. Her lover will make her pussy tremble and leak like her husband has never. The excitement of having an affair had her nippels hard everytime she would think about it. Her husband started to notice her artificial happiness knowing he didn’t cause such gay in her life. He became almost robotic and was sure of her affair. He started to rape her everynight and she liked it
She liked that her husband was jealous to her it meant he still loved her and thought she was attractive enough for another man to take her from him. As he raped her she would scream her lovers name over and over. She would see her lover and get fucked with love and not hate. Her husband raped her for a year and she held silence because she secretly loved it. She felt beautiful her husband would rape her so hard that she would pee on his dick. One day she decided to tell her lover he was in total shock and distress. Her lover became obsessive and started to follow her home he would hear her get raped and scream his name. He would hear her get smacked and she would scream his name. After a few years of abuse that was once desiriable she went to see her lover for the last time. As she described it he fucked her and fucked her and gave her sex like she never had it. Lover rocked her world. She went home to her husband and had sex again and again he continued raping. She didnt see her lover for months. Time passed and she started to feel sick. She felt weak. She visited her doctor and it was discovered. Sadly she was diagnosed with full blown AIDS she sadly has six months to live. Aids killed her him and lover.
Lover was a prostitute he had sex with a wealthy man he contracted him aids. They all died around the same time.