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In my lovely Latin culture men are the main bread winners. Woman work as well and contribute but at the end of the day the man will provide more and not allow you to support his selfish needs. What happened to “male pride”? I see the world-changing woman are starting to take care of men. Why? Is there something I don’t know about!?!?!? Is there discrimination towards men in the career field or is your criminal record holding you back? Woman are the new men. If he’s around he must help. I commend single mothers like mine, it is hard to play both roles like being a Mother and a Father to ones children. Everyone has to take care of their family without a hesitation, what seems to be your problem?


What is really wrong with the woman who allows this. Are they really that desperate? Is the thought of being alone so frightening? Why? Would you prefer him to use and abuse your self-esteem. As a woman your partner should represent you and meet your standards there is no excuse that is valid enough to allow him to lay around enjoy the fruits of your labor. Even the sick get SSI it’s still a source of income. Woman need to stand up and respect themselves. I think it’s the “hard dick”. Sex is what blinds the stupid. “Dick is better when it takes care of himself” (Wanda B). Does it turn you on that all he seems to be good for is sex? A real man puts all immediate responsibilities and priorities his life first, just because it makes him feel accomplished.

You will know if he is good by the way he treats the woman in his life. I’m talking he shows respect and his intentions are good not that he only maintains communication with them. People don’t change he will be the way you meet him till he leaves this earth. Real men don’t expect woman to “save them”. Men should be men and stop complaining and start working on the problem. Men need to feel good about themselves too in order to proceed life feeling complete.

Men are men and woman are woman. We are all different and have different roles that’s what makes the world go around but please let’s try to avoid the blood sucking hungry ones.

Warning signs: he’s smooth with his words
Feels as if it’s too good to be true
He splurges on you in the first two months
He acts as if he is the victim
He blames everyone but himself for his actions
He wants to move in with you so you can help him with his bills and he can save money and it never happens
He’s cheap after you spent your check
He’s teeth are messed up
He doesn’t groom well
His main priority is the newest Jordan’s
Etc….. the list goes on and on.
With my life experiences I will try to avoid what I have gone through stupid is the one that’s knows and does it again.