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Questions: Is sex over rated? Why is sex just an action? Have we forgotten the affection attached to it? Why does one “just fuck”? Do we all think with our genitals and hormones?  What can we do to achieve well-rounded sex?


Sex is something that has been in practice since Biblical times. Adam and Eve where the first to have sex on earth and they wont be the last to have sex on earth! Sex is more than just a orgasim. Sex should be practiced responsibly not only by using condoms but by using the heart as well. Sex shouldn’t  be a misconception. When you have sex with someone it is cause the feelings inside ones hearts are mutual, well at least that’s how it is suppose to be.

Irresponsible sex– sex when needed, no feelings towards the partner, rebound sex, sex calls, affair sex, work sex, sex under lies,  sex before knowing last name, advantage sex, and the most popular having sex to keep he/she.

Sex is supposed to be well-rounded. Technically sex will come after marriage, why is that? Sex after marriage comes with SECURITY. Security that he/she won’t leave you. Assurance that there’s love and affection. Confidence that there is no other and self-confidence because someone wants you. Realizing that your sex has been used for their pleasures can really damage your self-esteem. There are men and women that just simply don’t care and that’s because they don’t care about themselves. Sex is not as easy as it seems. Building oneself back after a misconception is a waste of time because it could have easily been avoided. In order to achieve well-rounded sex you have to make sure you know your partners intentions the intentions are inside the heart not what is being SAID.          *Do not give your good “LOVING” to someone who doesn’t care about themselves, BECAUSE THEY WON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, the feeling of being rejected after is not a good feeling, it is something that can be very well avoided. “Please practice responsible sex and your conception on sex would broaden” (Wanda B).

What do you think lies beneath sex? Do you think sex is over rated? or is it all just taboo? What do you do to achieve well rounded sex?