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         In today’s society it takes a lot to stay strong. Parents should start to build strength from childhood. When kids fall they stand up and shake it off. Why can’t we do that as adults? Is it because kids are innocent? Why can’t we keep some of that innocence? How can we keep some of that innocence? We can start by putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes in order to understand and have a reasonable aspect on the situation and be able to act innocently towards the situation. Making decisions with a clear head, for example it’s easier for kids because their worries aren’t like ours they worry about playing and having fun so their minds are happy we worry about adult like problems but if you where to think about being happy like kids do then maybe the innocence will stay. It’s our daily struggles that forces our innocence to diminish. We must try to avoid difficult situations use your smarts all around your life don’t ignore your intuitions. It’s important to pick up on things that can be avoided. Don’t involve yourself in something that will eventually diminish your innocence.

                                                      True Story

innocence defiled

innocence defiled (Photo credit: the|G|™)

As a child she was happy but at times sad. She was sad because her father was sad. She loved her father but disliked him at the same time. As she grew older she gained weight and was always happy but her father wasn’t. The father would lower her self esteem and emphasize that a man doesn’t want a woman that is overweight, that she would never find a husband and no one would want her because she is overweight. This went on for years to come and still does. She avoids encounters with him because he has pushed her away. He didn’t earn her love or respect he earned her disrespect. She lived her life believing she was beautiful but certain days she would think different his voiced played repeatedly in her head and she started to rebel. She started to disrespect the people that did love her because of the anger she held inside. As a child her life was good she had step brothers and sisters that cared for her when she was young. As she grew older her father continued to diminish her innocence. It never failed every encounter was sour even in her adult years. What is money if there is no love? Family is suppose to be there especially when we all carry the same last name. She thanked the lord that she had an excellent family that would help her think different but it obviously was still a problem. Teenage years arose and she meets the one man that thought on the contrary of what her father though, and she beckoned to his every need. He abused her innocence and she took it because he thought she was beautiful and he claims to have loved her. He repeatedly abused her, degraded her, and would aid in diminishing her innocence and her self esteem. As she grew older she accustomed to his ways the abuse became a daily routine like her father’s insults. One day she had enough during one of the daily arguments, she hit him, it started to become abusive. Unfortunately, she stopped going to school she started to disrespect her mother she experimented with drugs and she was becoming miserable like him and her dad. She eventually broke the cycle and continued her life as a positive beautiful young lady. She graduated college and was never discriminated on and upon graduation she gloated in their faces they were both speechless. She no longer communicated with them but has peace in her heart because there isn’t any hate on the contrary she is grateful it had made her the strong young woman she is today. She doesn’t regret a moment of it but she won’t do it again. There are days that she experiences post traumatic stress but since she is stronger it is easier to handle. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it helps you realize that all your struggles have paid off. As a long term affect she still suffers from anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress but with god in hand she will be just fine. She is trying to retain the little bit of innocence she has left so that she can stand stronger. She made lots of bad choices in men but thank fully she found the one that deserves her and all her “PHAT”.