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ImageA breath of fresh air is always advised. Forgiveness is always accepted. Getting over the past helps with healing towards the future. Don’t judge a person based on your past experiences, don’t treat a person based on your past experiences. Everyone deserves to start with a clean slate. You must give them the chance to prove themselves either right or wrong. Deciding to give your life a spice isn’t a bad idea. Feeling wanted is what keeps people going and what helps build love and trust. Love can be discovered in the weirdest places. The most common is “Computer Love”


True Story

Boy meets girl on a website. He found true love. All he did was lay his eyes on her, she was in Russia and he was in the US. He insisted until she responded back, she was of the website for a while. She felt the magic when she laid eyes on his picture. They maintained a “perfect” relationship via all possible internet communications Skype, Instant Messenger, the website, text, call, email etc.. As time passed they fell deeper and deeper in love and awaited the date of each others arrivals. Six months passed and they finally meet she was able to cross over to the US. Their love was undeniable and never forgotten. She came to visit for 1 month, they sexed everyday and fought every other day, but they were happy. During her stay, after every smack he would give her she would beg for a baby. On top of the abuse she wanted a baby, Why? I don’t know. It’s time for her to come back home. Shortly after she arrived back home she discovered she is pregnant. Now, it’s time for her to come back to the US, but this time in order for her to be able to stay here legally she needs to get married. After more beatings and rapes they finally get married, after a few months she couldn’t take it anymore and she leaves a note and before he wakes she is at the airport. He cried and cried and suffered because she was gone. He treated her horribly but he “Loved her”. He never heard from her again, now the love child is without his biological father. She decided to learn from her mistakes and not knock love down. She will give everyone a clean slate. She meets the man of her dreams he was even better than her ex boyfriend and was okay with her pregnancy. They lasted one year as an online relationship and then they meet. They got married within the first week and they have been married for over 5 years now. If she would have treated him based on her past she could have pushed him away and lost what might have been her only chance at true love. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. Online dating doesn’t work for everyone it all depends on you but it is an interesting place to meet someone. :.)….