<3<3 Fairytales<3<3

        Once upon a time. In the far away land of Brooklyn their were two people destin to meet each other. As faith bought them together they finally found each other at the neighbor hood park. They were both innocent which made the meeting place unique. They bonded from that day forward. The connection was electric. They became best friends and lovers. As the magnificent woman that she is she showed him nothing but love and support and encouraged him to be the best he could be. They went through lots of obstacles in life that bought them closer together. During their time of need lots of people turnt them away but they still had each other.

         Sparks flew as they made love and they explored eachothers bodies. Love was clearly in tact and a love child was a board. She felt forced to hide her pregnancy in fear she might be rejected, it only bought them closer the distance was part of the journey. As the months passed they communicated through friends, three ways, messages whatever it took to talk to each other. The glue kept getting stronger and stronger as they bonded and formed their homey hearts. They worked as a team they became employed him in NY and her in CT. They saved their entire paychecks and was able to save enough to start a family. Before she could make her moves her secret was out but thankfully she received positive feedback but still they resented him. The resent is unexplainable and still not completely understood. Eventually, they pulled through and they had a healthy baby boy. As their life began together they kept pulling through in good times and in bad times. They had a loving relationship and another love child which bought them even closer together. Thier love made cloudy days look brighter. She met her prince charming, the glass slipper fit, she found her fish, and she kept him. As years passed they got the chance to celebrate their love and exchanged vows. It was a ceremony filled with love and appreciation as they lived happily ever after.

Love is a blessing and it is a feeling that we all wished we can have one day. I asked Mrs. Santiago two very important questions: “What do you feel is the meaning of love?”, “Is your relationship missing something?”, and she answered: “Love to me means that it has to be unconditional, and it has to stay unconditional even after 20 years, and still then you still get the butterflies when he comes around. Just of the very thought of thinking about them or talking about them either makes you smile or sometimes even makes you cry. “My relationship is probably missing something just like every relationship is…no ones relationship is ever perfect….I feel like in my relationship there’s hardly any time for just us…..we have 2 children…we have jobs and sometimes there’s never any extra money even if there came a day that we didn’t have the kids….But u know what??? We make it work…even if there’s no money, he has taken me to the mall hand in hand and we just walk and window shop….we have been through a lot to be together and we remained strong….we started from having crazy arguments almost everyday…IN FRONT OF PEOPLE smh….but we grew up….matured….started talking and listening to each other and promised each other that no matter what happens we needed to work together not go against each other….and that’s when we knew that there wasn’t anyone more perfect for eachother than us”

Congratulations Santiago Family on your successful love game.

A journey of love