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As I close my eyes I get flash

backs from way back than. When I open them I can smell your scent but now I closed it again and now I see the rest. Flash back and trauma is all I see. You lifeless soul is my lifetime seek. Your devestation is in my soul as so I have seeked. I closed my eyes again and I see you loving me and I get goosebumps even way back than. Now I opened my eyes and the vision is clearer it’s not you its someone dear. Again I see more trauma of the day you left me but I remember when you F’ed me. Sometimes I sleep at night and sometimes I think at night. Again I close my eyes and I see you but now your someone else. Flash backs bring me back to you and I smile before I cry. My eyes are still closed and I try to hide but I cant deny that you were my kinda guy. As I open my eyes it is you I see I pray you won’t die cause it is you I need. Time and time again I must try to keep it all inside but it’s hard to deny.
Trauma is a repeated memory that flashes back at any moment. It’s what I feel when I think of special moments. Flash backs as I close my eyes make me think of the sun at rise. The looks of the sky says its going to be alright. Future plans turn into flashback of the past but they wont be bad as so he says.

God is by myside in every surprise my flashbacks have turned into a smaller size <3<3…