Life isn’t easy but when it gives you lemons you make lemonade. There is something and someone out there for everyone no matter how you look at it. Just do it. Life will give you a prize. Even when money stands in the way there is always a way out. If you are good to life, life will be good to you. Nothing falls on your lap nor does it knock on your front door. Working hard will eventually pay off even if you think that it won’t.

                                                       True Story

          As he contemplated suicide he had a vision that one day he will succeed and make himself and his family proud. Every time he washed a xanac down with vodka he thought of all the negative in his life and forgot about the positive. It wasnt until she came along and brightened up his days. She was the only one that wasn’t scared of the “monster” he thought he was. She filled him with positive feedback and was able to save his life by reminding him that he has worked hard and that it will pay off one day there is no need to go to the extreme. God has something for everyone including you. You are smart handsome positive unique etc…..As the years passed before he reached his “failure point” he had worked very hard for 4 years and achieved a BA in technology and for 2 years has not found work. His wife was a bad wife and all she did was help him reach his failure point. His kids didn’t know what was going on but he did. Fortunately his friend was able to save his life and glad that she did, coincidently he received a call within 48 hours of his near death experience offering him a remarkable position starting at 40k a year which is way better than nothing. He was able to get his life back together and thank god there was someone there to help him not give up. Life is not easy at all but it’s what you make of it and who you have around you.

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