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It is always nice to discover local talent. Talent isn’t easy to come about especially as a musician. Alkatraz is a well known local guitarist. He is part of a well know NYC band. He started his journey as a youngster and has grown to master and love his musical talent. You have made our city proud by following your passion. Thank you for the great example…. Congratulations REBELMATIC!

How did Alkatraz come about?

“The name “Alkatraz” was given to me by some friends, I was told that it matched my style of music, which is hard but not to hard and now this style has adopted to today’s genre and style of music”

How did “Rebelmatic” get its name, and what does it mean?

“Rebelmatic originated in NYC and is still a NYC band performing in local spots like “The Bowery Poetry Club”. The band and its name started 4 years ago. We went through a lot of names before we realized that “Rebelmatic” speaks and represents us, as rebel renegades of society” (As he smiles, and shows his beautiful teeth, and charm).

What was your very first song?

“The first song was ready to explode which is a song we have not performed in years, I can’t say I am happy about that, but (and he shruggs his shoulders) hahahahah,

Which album was your favorite?


“I will have to say, “Prey for the Vulture”, it was a great record, I enjoyed it better than the first album” but new albums will come, as a matter a fact I am recording an album as we speak”

As per readers, the female audience just has to know… Are you single? and if so, Do we have a chance? How can they meet you? and What do you like in a female?

As he smiles and blushed he states “Yes, he is single and easy to find I am on Face Book (and he chuckles). The most important thing for me is a woman who has passion for music and can understand the adventures of a musician”..lol lol. :.)…

I love your style of fashion, how did your style come about. Where did you get that Watch??? hahahahah

“Hummmm…My fashion style… I mean I just dress. I wear whatever it is I like, let it be from: bandanas, nice watches, glasses, true religion jeans, purple jeans, T-Shirts, anything that I like. I guess I don’t really think about it I just wear what I like. lol lol I like to call that “I just dress”.. (hahahahahahah.. he laughes and laughes.. lol)

What is your favorite color, meal, song, artists, and fast food place?

“My favorite color is grey and burgundy. My Latin roots call for, fried red snapper, Moro, and lettuce and tomato salad. I love a woman who can cook my favorite and eat it as well”. I no longer poison my body with fast food, but I use to love Popeyes“.

Who inspired you to be who you are today?

” My favorite artist and ultimate inspiration has and always will be “Guns n Roses”. I can remember the first day that I saw the video “Welcome to the Jungle” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_gQOfF0Ymo the next day I went to the record store and bought the album, and next week I bought a guitar and I have played ever since”

What is your nationality? Wanda says: “You look Hispanic maybe Dominican, lol lol and we both laughed) “I am Dominican and Puerto Rican”

Where are they now?

REBELMATIC is currently recording at “Downtown Studios” where some of todays greatest artist like: Gym Class Heroes, Britney Spears, maroon 5 etc…have recorded previously. Alkatraz says “It is a great opportunity and I thank Mark Rosen“. “Mark first saw us perform at “The Morgan” and loved it, he loved it so much he offered us to record at “Downtown Studios”. Just to have him offer us a deal like that is extremely helpful.” We are also going to be performing in Europe” during a yearly event held in the month of October, I am looking forward to that.

My personal experience interviewing Alkatraz: He was nothing but a gentlemen, willing to answer all questions, he is funny, smart, charming, and has a fantastic personality and excellent people person. He was a pleasure to interview and it is always a pleasure to hear his music and I am proud to say that there are still prosperous local bands in NYC. I had an absolute blast Thank You and hopefully next time we will talk about your new album.

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