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What is really going on in the world? The devil is walking the streets now more than ever. What got into that man in Colorado? I’ll tell you what got into him…The devil. What a shame these are innocent people who the devil preys on. He is a young kid and studious, why would he do such a thing? I don’t think he was mentally unstable, I strongly believe it was the devil! What the video it is jaw dropping…                                                                                                                     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chTp1QozUDs 

A face only a mother can love….

Now…. Explain this: Why would a mother eat her kid? Not even the craziest of the craziest…  If she was crazy than that would have been known. I mean she had to have done something crazy like that before, how no one noticed that?How was she allowed to keep her children if she was that mentally it.. To eat your kids man that’s a demon move, something we only see on tv. Why is all this happening? It is scary…. All the violence and unexplained acts are signs that the devil is here and stronger than ever. The world will slowly come to an end one day if this continues we will all kill each other. Watch the video it is crazy…


Look at this guy. Bath salts. Are you kidding me..He ate a persons face no way. The devil got into him.


We must all keep our faith in our lord Jesus Christ and together joined as one we can rebuke the devil out of our lives.