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                                     WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?

God gives us all a special gift, everyone has a purpose you just have to take the time to find it. In some occasions it’s a bit hard to find but you can always use your heart as a road map. I found my purpose by following what I am passionate for, for what makes me happy, unconditionally. Your purpose is what you feel is right, where you feel you belong, what brings your heart joy and what satisfies you in a positive way. Knowing what your purpose is helps with “finding yourself? lifting your self-esteem and just simply puts a smile on your face. My purpose in life will definitely be by serving the lord through healthcare. I love to aid people who are ill or that need help and the best way to practice that is through medicine. I am on the path of becoming a Nurse Practitioner so that I can practice what I have craved for all these years to help cure the ill.