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My birthday was September 11, 2012. I have had so much fun and I would like to thank God first, and all my friends and family. Celebrations are part of enjoying life, enjoying life means embracing everything around you in a positive way. HAVE FUN, LIVE A LITTLE! Entertaining the mind helps heal with a lot of things. It can really lift ones spirits. Let the celebration begin… Happy Birthday to me!!!

On this day I have turned 28. I have accomplished a lot I think.

I even meet MIMS… I loved this song growing up.. This is why im hot…. lol lol….

Besides all the fun and games I feel I have become a wonderful young woman. I know how to defend myself, how to love myself, and I am very well-educated even though sometimes it seems like I am not, don’t under-estimate me a few misspelled words doesn’t mean anything lol lol…. Our imperfections help make us. I have gotten My BA and I am well on my way to my Masters. I have done volunteer work, I have helped when it’s needed. I have also participated in fundraisers to help people in need like raising money for Haiti after their disaster. I have also helped a lot of people rather its with my words, with my love, or providing them with my physical attention where it’s needed. I have partied, laughed, cried, and been depressed. I have overcome some deaths in my life, I have learned to deal with what it is. I have helped my mom in every aspect that I can. She has done nothing but be my heart, my wall, my rock, my mother is my world and sometimes I think god blesses me just a little extra just because I love and respect my mother. lol lol.. IDK kinda weird, right? but true… lol lol…I am also writing a book, I blog and I read. I cook, clean, sew, and I am very resourceful.  I feel like I have done a lot and theirs much more but we leave that for another day. I am not gloating I am just saying. If I don’t point out my positives who will. lol lol.. But either way I would like to share a private moment and share my Birthday Pictures with you internet world. Thank you for reading!

Lovely time with friends and family. Love you xoxooxoxox…

Friends and Family…love you all…xoxoxoxoxo Thank you….

My lovely shoes…. Wore them for my cuz bday…..xoxoxoxox

HAPPY BDAY ALEJANDRO…three days older than me…

hbd alejo!!!

lets get the party started right…….xoxoxoxoxo

beautiful….enjoy my day to the fullest…. HAPPY BDAY TO ME….

What a cutie….xoxoxooxxoxo…..boo..

my bday shoes….love them…i call them my FRESCA shoes….xoxoxoxoxo

friends and family…good company….xoxoxoxoxo


FRIENDS FRIENDS…..XOXOXOXO…I CELEBRATED THE WHOLE WEEK AND THEN SOME…THIS WAS MY HAPPY BELATED….XXOXOXOXOO                                                                       Thank you for everything and I am glad I spent my bday the way that I did.. xoxoxoxoxoxooxox