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Everyone thinks your crazy. What happened? When are you going to come back? When did you go? You forgot to let me know.

Have you tried letting go? Yes. But it just won’t go. Praying is a for

m of healing, have you tried? Yes. It doesn’t work. I have tried everything but it just doesn’t work.

There is a change that has to be made. I’m really tired of

having to change. You left and didn’t say a thing. Frustrated is such a big thing. Your crazy at least that’s what they say. Rage is so hard to replace. The mind has just gone away. Feeling alive is no longer the way.

Just try to wipe it away.
OMG it just won’t go away don’t you understand, it just won’t go away.

Is it that serious, they say. Yes. It’s cause you can’t relate that you underestimate. Time heals all wounds. Tick Toc Tick Toc and still nothing has been replaced. You are crazy I bet you can relate.

So your crazy at least that’s what they say. So you’re gloating on your sorrow, so they say. So you don’t feel desired, so they say.

Try talking to someone. Did you try that. Yes. But they stop listening. I heard its all in the head. Your crazy don’t forget.

Tomorrow you will forget, don’t worry it is just gods test. One day the mind will be at rest so just relax.

Ha ha you don’t know jack. Shut the fuck up and let it rest. OMG I NEED YOUR chest.

Drug is a hell of a game why take that way. It makes people go insane and it affects your babe. She misses you till this day. You should come back and stay sober so you can enjoy your days. Don’t forget your insane!

Remember the days when you would force your ways. She cried and cried. Don’t forget you made her insane. But you helped her with the pain. Just stay and help her ease the fucken pain. Please where are you I lost you again. The mind doesn’t change Like you said im insane…. ohh my the fucken pain…


Sometimes I feel pressure but u make it better..although at times I want to call a certain fellow…he makes me feel special..he even makes me jiggle just like jello..even though he’s a fresco, with me he’s much better…tonight I am going to knead the batter…cookies n cream isn’t what he’s only after…just don’t tell him no he likes that factor…aren’t u flattered…u be stupid to think u will find someone better…u told me u like when I battle..my voice makes u want to taste the batter..let me kiss u till he’s like a firm ladder…my face is what keeps u coming back later…I think your amazing let me taste your batter…my cookies are yours and they wont shatter..I told u I want you on my orange platter…no more fooling around we can be so much better…repent so we can be blessed..now kiss me before I go to bed…