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Aren’t you just fine!

Everyone lies like everyone sins. I have a feeling it isn’t just me and him. Sometimes I think could this be real, could this be fake the last time I checked it was all ok. I feel dis encouraged like I want to leave, but a piece of me is telling me to let it be…. I opened up to you, something I rarely do. I hope your intentions are real as mine are too. My heartbeats fire not coal,  you see my intentions, like I clearly see yours. My heart rate is up. Please give me more. Don’t stop feeding me your lies I need them to stay alive. Your energy is breathless so don’t make me cry. Tomorrow I will try to stay alive, fire is In my eyes. Trust me I can fly, and I dont lie. Don’t kiss me im fine. Dont fuck me cause I’ll die. You touched me and that made me wanna cry. Goodnight little guy I hope you stay out of sight.