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So you had a bad day, who do you take it out on. It must be easier to take it out on the weak one. So now you my darling have to pay and it’s not fare but I think you like it. No matter how much you complain every call is answered, every need is filled, and you fill it like nothing has happened. But again this is behavior that you are use to and it is nothing. This is a habit that you must break it will be hard but you must change your behavior. Is the love that strong? You got to be kidding me, is it really that serious, no way! Hummmm sometimes I think it is karma but who am I to say anything. But I will ask you this: How did that feel? Do you need ice? Is there more love? What happens after? do you kiss and make-up, or do you got out for dinner and then go shopping for make-up. I’m telling you I think you like it or it is just something you are use to because you are a very aggressive person and surrounded by very aggressive peoples this type of behavior is very normal and anything other than that is not normal to you. I strongly believe this is why you might never be happy. All that negativity is no good. The reality is you both are hurting yourself even though it feels right it is wrong. Check yourself before someone really gets hurt.