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What is your fetish?

The most popular fetishes are: feet, toes, bbw, golden showers, heals, specific color underwear, men wearing woman’s lingerie, submissive, dominate, masturbation etc… There’s some more fetishes on this site but those are some I have personally heard and actively know or knew someone with one of those fetishes. http://elitedaily.com/elite/slideshows/10-popular-fetishes/?slide=10

Back to fetishes…. In my opinion a fetish is something that triggers in your brain as an orgasm assuming its targeting ones endorphins similar to having a drug addiction. Some people get really sick with fetishes for example: kid porn, sex with animals, rapes, eating metal, glue etc..the point is a fetish is something that you must have in order to achieve a physical and a mental orgasm..similar to being addicted to drugs…
Is there a way to suppress that feeling? (The feeling of having to have something just to give themselves some kind of satisfaction)…I’m not sure, I always feel like anything is possible but that would take lots of psychological work just like with drugs..It’s triggering that part of your brain that helps achieve satisfaction and who doesn’t like to feel satisfied… Will take lots of work but can be done…Practice safe fetishing it can really get ugly…