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ImageIt’s you that makes me smile
It’s you I see when I frown
It’s you I want cause of your style
It’s me that will understand ur trials
It’s you that will love me I feel it in my heart your what I have desired all along
It’s your truth that makes me see u
It’s the way you sound that makes me feel you
Its you I want to believe I let my guards down for you
My heart is calling for love that kinda of lust I’ll have for you
I trust we will be adored there’s just something about you
I enjoy your company its actual
Let me hold you I’ll be sensual I want to show you what we can achieve
You have never had me so don’t give up on me
Accept my promise to show you my heart
It’s cause you deserve it, all I need is your trust, I won’t let u down your worth more than a million bucks