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I loved you like a new toy, I did everything for you. We gave ourselves to each other and now all we have are memories. We fought and fought and grew closer together the more we yelled the stronger the love felt. The louder the rap music played the deeper I feel in love. You asked me to marry you when we were just pups. I said yes baby when we grow up. You couldn’t be without me that was just a bluff.  We were always together you broke our trust. Now and forever was just lust. You finished raising me yet you still played me rough. I wasn’t that tough, why did you call my bluff? You cheated and that was so rough. You just ruined everything including our trust. We cursed and fought and still I came about. I needed you at night to hug me tight. A year later you want it all back. I am not ready to trust you like that. We should start slow and see where we are at. Again you said you loved me and we were just that, come back to me I need your heart back. I hugged you tight and said okay let’s try this again. Dam you played me once again. You made her your girl and played me at the end. 10 years was just a bid. In the hood, love is like being in the pens. It keeps making you go back. Still we try once again and now you’re not ready to take it to the end. Its been to long and I’m tired of all this mess. I found the one that will love me till the end. I am sorry you weren’t the one to be my man. You played too much and now it has come to an end. I heard your suffering, cause you can’t have me till the end. You never loved me you just kept me around for that. I loved you and you played with my heart, time that I will never get back. I am redeeming myself with my man, I am going to love him more than I have ever loved a man. We deserve it I feel this one is till the end. Muah thank you for teaching me how to treat a man. He is very happy and I thank you for that. I will always have love for you just not like that. I feel out of love with you somewhere along the times you left. xoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo