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Love comes in all types of forms. Can you love someone who is not your type? If you do than does that mean that you have to re-evaluate your type or is it an act of pure desperation? Do you really think if you get sexually aroused by that person it means you’re happy, or satisfied within the relationship? I suppose most men will get aroused while having sex with any female because it’s just sex and sex is wanted and needed by many so basically anything goes. Would that be a form of betrayal being that you have come outside your type? Eventually when your type comes along, your true feeling towards your initial partner will come to the light. Therefore, you were never really happy your relationship was an act of desperation. I see why it is important to be happy and satisfied in a relationship it helps keep and maintain the happiness in the relationship. I just now understood why standards are so important, it helps you distinguish what you want and don’t want and it is very important to not go below your standards because eventually one will be unhappy BECAUSE you are not satisfied, BECAUSE you are not fulfilling your goals, needs, and standards. Ahhhhhh, do you get it now could that be one of the reasons why people cheat. I guess it all does come down to happiness. I guess what I am trying to say is that if that person is for you they will fit and meet your standards I seen it happen plenty of times and have experienced it personally myself but always remember don’t go below your standards.