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Dear Men,

Why are you so difficult?
You don’t like to be called an asshole
So don’t act like one.
You want only sex
So say it, be honest it doesn’t guarantee a ticket to the panties but at least we know what we are getting into, so now its up to me to be with you, right? right….
When you want a relationship you say it. Right? Right.
So, why so difficult?
Than you claim you don’t like drama. Right? Right.
But you create the drama. Hence, we know game is game; its bull, but when we start to notice that it’s all a fantasy -FYI..Everything comes out to the light. Right? Right. I hope you know this, so what now… you expect me to stay quiet nooooooooo so now the drama starts “what you don’t like”. lol lol I just don’t get it.
This one is my favorite….Some men claim being “old school”, ok the last time I checked one of the old school “rules” is the woman stays home, but you want an independent woman. Right? Right. lol lol
So I don’t get it, what do you want than.
How many of you are not full of it? Very little and for the ones that are, thank you for that. Now do the world a favor and spread the love, teach it to all the men you know including your kids.
It has came down to a point that just because he wears a suit to work everyday doesn’t make him creditable at all at all…. Even if you have the bible in your hand some religious people don’t live righteously, you are still not creditable. Just because you are wearing the newest Jordans doesn’t make you creditable either. What makes a man creditable is his word. That he keeps his word and does only but act on his word. That is universal no matter the country, religion, or time. All men have is their word… LET ME REPEAT THAT.. ALL MEN HAVE IS THEIR WORD and even that is hard to keep. I say that because a real man will keep his word will go to high and lows. Rather he is keeping his word to you, to his family, to his job, or to his religious beliefs he is keeping his word and that is what makes a man a man. That right there might get you some. What makes you think we don’t want to feel secure too? Tell me, because I want to know.
After all of this you still have the nerve to ask us to not degrade your name. Right?, Right. You are making it really hard right about now to not bash you.
And you claim we are the ones that don’t know what we want, Really… lol so, IDK what are we doing here. How can we rectify the situation. Do we need to be better woman or you a better man? I guess its an everyday struggle. IDK IDK…