In my prior interview with Alkatraz from “Rebelmatic” on July 23, 2012 he said 

“REBELMATIC is currently recording at “Downtown Studios” where some of today’s greatest artist like: Gym Class Heroes, Britney Spears, maroon 5 etc…have recorded previously”. (read more) https://wandascouch.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/today-on-wandas-couch-alkatraz-from-rebelmatic/

11 months later you are the winner of Battle of the Bands. I wish you many more wins!

Congrats to such a hard working music band!

They have definitely partook in the movement. They are an inspiration to all upcoming music bands and musicians. They have the dedication that it takes to prosper and with that energy you will go very far. Good luck on your journey from Wandas Couch.

Night 1, Round 1 of 4 BATTLE OF THE BANDS at FREECANDY in Brooklyn, NY Feat. Negros Americanos, King Holiday, Rebelmatic, Brittany Campbell, Mighty Paradocs! WINNER: REBELMATIC! with hosts She’s Ryan and GITOO. Music by JLAMAR

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Pictures by Alexander Kusak


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