Today on Wandas Couch: Memories of a hood love


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I loved you like a new toy, I did everything for you. We gave ourselves to each other and now all we have are memories. We fought and fought and grew closer together the more we yelled the stronger the love felt. The louder the rap music played the deeper I feel in love. You asked me to marry you when we were just pups. I said yes baby when we grow up. You couldn’t be without me that was just a bluff.  We were always together you broke our trust. Now and forever was just lust. You finished raising me yet you still played me rough. I wasn’t that tough, why did you call my bluff? You cheated and that was so rough. You just ruined everything including our trust. We cursed and fought and still I came about. I needed you at night to hug me tight. A year later you want it all back. I am not ready to trust you like that. We should start slow and see where we are at. Again you said you loved me and we were just that, come back to me I need your heart back. I hugged you tight and said okay let’s try this again. Dam you played me once again. You made her your girl and played me at the end. 10 years was just a bid. In the hood, love is like being in the pens. It keeps making you go back. Still we try once again and now you’re not ready to take it to the end. Its been to long and I’m tired of all this mess. I found the one that will love me till the end. I am sorry you weren’t the one to be my man. You played too much and now it has come to an end. I heard your suffering, cause you can’t have me till the end. You never loved me you just kept me around for that. I loved you and you played with my heart, time that I will never get back. I am redeeming myself with my man, I am going to love him more than I have ever loved a man. We deserve it I feel this one is till the end. Muah thank you for teaching me how to treat a man. He is very happy and I thank you for that. I will always have love for you just not like that. I feel out of love with you somewhere along the times you left. xoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo




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True love G style


G I can’t live without you, you’re so smart you have helped me through all my battles just by pressing start

You answer all my questions, you showed me how to blog

G you share everything with me and you taught me how to start

You manage to keep me connected; you protect me and give me inspirational thoughts

G you even helped me graduate I loved you from the very start

I have tried others but you’re the one I want

Your words are always so true I feel a spark

You keep me entertained for hours at my darkest thoughts

G I don’t know how to thank you for all the love

Somehow you give me everything I want

You always know what to say right from the start


Today on Wandas Couch: Your place in my life



Kiss me like you’re in training I’ll be there in case you fall

All I want is your haven I’ll leave it all up to God

The next step is tremendous but it might just be a fraud

Don’t trust me I’m a bit of a bandit

Come through my window I’ll let you steal my assets

Don’t mind fuck me I’ll make you a has been

Don’t lust me I am not your average

Love me from the bottom of your privates

Today on Wandas Couch: He Saved me 01/20/2013


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Sometimes I feel like an animal …I’m in my cage till it’s time to recital…it hurts to be thought of as a rival…I feel the devil kiss me with lots of anger…sometimes I miss him and I start a battle…curses come out like babbles…I sin everyday it’s a struggle…I felt good up to a certain level…Jesus has helped me conquer my battles…now I feel the need to worship you better….the lord has saved me throughout all my trials….he has tested me until now and I hope I’m not in trouble….I feel your love now more than ever…I was lonely up to when I meet you….everyday ill learn to love you better…your my father it can’t get no better….help me rebuke who is not supposed to make me better….I love you and I’m scared I’ll let you down….I once feared you would take me out….I once feared you wasn’t what it was all about…but now I’m sure of your whereabouts…my heart is your home of holy battles…you have showed me I can do much better…thank you Jesus for healing me….thank you lord for touching me….thank you god for allowing me…I rebuke you Lucifer in the name of Jesus….I rebuke you Lucifer in the name of Jesus….I feel peace now Omg thank you Jesus…I feel better I can pray for all my fellows….

W-Who H-Holds Y-Your power, WHY?


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ImageIt’s you that makes me smile
It’s you I see when I frown
It’s you I want cause of your style
It’s me that will understand ur trials
It’s you that will love me I feel it in my heart your what I have desired all along
It’s your truth that makes me see u
It’s the way you sound that makes me feel you
Its you I want to believe I let my guards down for you
My heart is calling for love that kinda of lust I’ll have for you
I trust we will be adored there’s just something about you
I enjoy your company its actual
Let me hold you I’ll be sensual I want to show you what we can achieve
You have never had me so don’t give up on me
Accept my promise to show you my heart
It’s cause you deserve it, all I need is your trust, I won’t let u down your worth more than a million bucks





The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Today on Wandas Couch: Fetish


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What is your fetish?

The most popular fetishes are: feet, toes, bbw, golden showers, heals, specific color underwear, men wearing woman’s lingerie, submissive, dominate, masturbation etc… There’s some more fetishes on this site but those are some I have personally heard and actively know or knew someone with one of those fetishes.

Back to fetishes…. In my opinion a fetish is something that triggers in your brain as an orgasm assuming its targeting ones endorphins similar to having a drug addiction. Some people get really sick with fetishes for example: kid porn, sex with animals, rapes, eating metal, glue etc..the point is a fetish is something that you must have in order to achieve a physical and a mental orgasm..similar to being addicted to drugs…
Is there a way to suppress that feeling? (The feeling of having to have something just to give themselves some kind of satisfaction)…I’m not sure, I always feel like anything is possible but that would take lots of psychological work just like with drugs..It’s triggering that part of your brain that helps achieve satisfaction and who doesn’t like to feel satisfied… Will take lots of work but can be done…Practice safe fetishing it can really get ugly…


Woman are such succulent creatures. In most cultures we are raised to cater to our men, and/or to be fantastic mothers never really to worry about yourself as a women. I guess the idea of worrying about yourself is going to the OB/GYN, and why is that? “you must take care of the vagina its your bread-winner.” Bread winner meaning if you stop sexing your partner he wont support you, the man must always be happy.  How about the woman when is she happy? Why are we not taught to work hard like men are. Why are us “girls” encouraged to get an education, but we look for men that can financially support us? Why are we not taught to be handy, like men?, there isn’t always a man around. Why are women not encouraged to be strong and independent like men, instead we are raised to cook, clean and be submissive. Why is there such a big enforcement about woman “obeying”? Why can’t we respect each other equally? What happened to “Don’t do to other, what you wouldn’t like to be done to you” Ironic don’t you think? I still don’t understand what separates woman from men apart from genitals. We are all created equal and deserve the chance to be proven wrong. Break the cycle and raise our generation to become more independent. Men and Woman should stand tall at the same level of liberty. Always remember men cry too and hurt just as much as woman. Put your brains to work and worry about your own, in reality no one absolutely no one is forced to give you what you need and or want and that’s what makes it so hard because that’s the biggest responsibility in your life is supporting yourself. As a result of woman being raised to be submissive towards men the men take advantage and relationships become violent, traumatic, controlling, and unhealthy. All because men have been raised to be superior and can’t accept a woman trying to be  superior.  There is nothing sexier than an independent woman who can stand strong, that is well-educated, well employed, well established, and can get down in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the playroom. Ironically men pass up chances with powerful woman, why? because there intimidated. Remember these are things that are not actually voiced. Its Taboo some how. Thank you for all your support. Thank you! Please feel free to comment.

Today on Wandas Couch: Him…..

I cant believe this is happening to me again..these feeling I swore to never feel again…my heart feels ache..and im saddend by your ways…every few days you need space…y cant u just say grace…I feel like your playing a game…Although I still think your amazing…when I see your face my heart stops for a while..I hope you come back and stay…i know your going to be there till my last day…i feel it in my heart…these mins have felt like days…all i wanna do is see your face…im sorry baby i made you feel disgraced…i want you in everyway…your perfect just the way you are please stay the same your moody but its k…i miss you already why dont you come and stay…i close my eyes and imagine your scent..i kiss your neck softly until you choose to stay…I whisper in your ear daddy I love your game as I moan to your name…I exhale everytime I came…. I think we will love after a few days…the distance brings us closer but we can’t stay…you want me closer to you but you play trying to make moves in order to stay…omg I just saw your face…I miss it everyday..I missed you my whole life you would have kept me.sane…would it be the same if we shared the rain…the sun shines everyday reguardless of the day…bby come back some other day…