Avon’s Holiday sale


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skin so softAvon’s Holiday sale

I have used Avon products for over 10 years and they are great. Skin so soft is fantastic leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. Thier Foot Works, works miracles. Since I am diabetic my skin tends to be dry but not with Avon products. They also have very durable children toys and the newest character: Disney’s Sofia cuddle pillow and Light up Watch. Avon has great prices and gifts. Shop Avon at




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Today on Wandas Couch: The icing on the cake


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The icing on the cake is bitter sweet. As if you were any better than her. You always blame her, and I understand why. It is because you are playing games. From day one it has been nothing but lies, lies, and more lies. Why live that way lying, cheating, and being so negative. Why risk losing such a good person that has nothing but positive things for you. A woman that supports everything that you do. That worries about your every move, that doesn’t care about anything else when she is with you. A woman that understands and always helps rectify the situation. A woman that has been through so much and deserves more. One of your worries throughout the day should be her happiness. You have never even showed her appreciation. You don’t know what you have, but I guarantee you will find out. Above all she is always there, and guess what she is tired and is ready to start a new life. She is leaving it all in the past and never thinking about it again. She will take her wisdom and learn to apply it to her new life. Her new life will consist of learning to live through her faith, a new job, pursing her career, raising a family, becoming healthier, a makeover and whatever else is coming her way. She has learned and I am very proud of my dear friend. I wish her nothing but the best and I know you will over achieve all your goals. Thank you for allowing me to be your friend and to help you make you decisions.  

Today on Wandas Couch: Battle of the bands


In my prior interview with Alkatraz from “Rebelmatic” on July 23, 2012 he said 

“REBELMATIC is currently recording at “Downtown Studios” where some of today’s greatest artist like: Gym Class Heroes, Britney Spears, maroon 5 etc…have recorded previously”. (read more)

11 months later you are the winner of Battle of the Bands. I wish you many more wins!

Congrats to such a hard working music band!

They have definitely partook in the movement. They are an inspiration to all upcoming music bands and musicians. They have the dedication that it takes to prosper and with that energy you will go very far. Good luck on your journey from Wandas Couch.

Night 1, Round 1 of 4 BATTLE OF THE BANDS at FREECANDY in Brooklyn, NY Feat. Negros Americanos, King Holiday, Rebelmatic, Brittany Campbell, Mighty Paradocs! WINNER: REBELMATIC! with hosts She’s Ryan and GITOO. Music by JLAMAR

More pics click on the link below and feel free to like the page. 



Pictures by Alexander Kusak

Follow Rebelmatic and see them live at their next show

FB: Rebel Matic


TOWC: Dear Men


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Dear Men,

Why are you so difficult?
You don’t like to be called an asshole
So don’t act like one.
You want only sex
So say it, be honest it doesn’t guarantee a ticket to the panties but at least we know what we are getting into, so now its up to me to be with you, right? right….
When you want a relationship you say it. Right? Right.
So, why so difficult?
Than you claim you don’t like drama. Right? Right.
But you create the drama. Hence, we know game is game; its bull, but when we start to notice that it’s all a fantasy -FYI..Everything comes out to the light. Right? Right. I hope you know this, so what now… you expect me to stay quiet nooooooooo so now the drama starts “what you don’t like”. lol lol I just don’t get it.
This one is my favorite….Some men claim being “old school”, ok the last time I checked one of the old school “rules” is the woman stays home, but you want an independent woman. Right? Right. lol lol
So I don’t get it, what do you want than.
How many of you are not full of it? Very little and for the ones that are, thank you for that. Now do the world a favor and spread the love, teach it to all the men you know including your kids.
It has came down to a point that just because he wears a suit to work everyday doesn’t make him creditable at all at all…. Even if you have the bible in your hand some religious people don’t live righteously, you are still not creditable. Just because you are wearing the newest Jordans doesn’t make you creditable either. What makes a man creditable is his word. That he keeps his word and does only but act on his word. That is universal no matter the country, religion, or time. All men have is their word… LET ME REPEAT THAT.. ALL MEN HAVE IS THEIR WORD and even that is hard to keep. I say that because a real man will keep his word will go to high and lows. Rather he is keeping his word to you, to his family, to his job, or to his religious beliefs he is keeping his word and that is what makes a man a man. That right there might get you some. What makes you think we don’t want to feel secure too? Tell me, because I want to know.
After all of this you still have the nerve to ask us to not degrade your name. Right?, Right. You are making it really hard right about now to not bash you.
And you claim we are the ones that don’t know what we want, Really… lol so, IDK what are we doing here. How can we rectify the situation. Do we need to be better woman or you a better man? I guess its an everyday struggle. IDK IDK…

Today on Wandas Couch: Lucifer won again!


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He won again! He feed you temptation and you fell like the rest.

He won again! You told lies and committed sin

He won again! You committed adultery

He won again! He distracted you from righteousness

He won again! He filled you with weakness and you collapsed in

One day he will lose again, and you will come back

He will lose again! You will apologize

He will lose again! This time I won I wont see you again

Today on Wandas Couch: Amor


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Sueño con tu Amor

Te quiero besar

Cuantas cosas te quiero contar

Pero como que parece que ahorita tu no estas, estoy en duda y ya no quiero estar, si eres mio usted vendrá. A mi diosito yo lo amara, por eso el no me fallara. Cuando sera el día que la luz me alumbrara espero que pronto, porque la fuerza no me alcanzara. Si me olvido de ti entonces como yo andara,

Como que te amo pero no lo puedo explicar, aveces se me hace difícil comunicar, Pienso en ti y quiero llorar, usted me dijo que no ibamos a funcionar

Eso es mentira y lo se de verdad, cuando me tocas no puedo respirar

Cuando me haces el amor no lo puedo olvidar

Quiero que estés feliz acuenta de mi voluntad, te amo aunque no pienses que sea verdad

Cuenta con mi amor eso te ayudara

Te amo mi papucho y te prometo que es la pura verdad



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Love comes in all types of forms. Can you love someone who is not your type? If you do than does that mean that you have to re-evaluate your type or is it an act of pure desperation? Do you really think if you get sexually aroused by that person it means you’re happy, or satisfied within the relationship? I suppose most men will get aroused while having sex with any female because it’s just sex and sex is wanted and needed by many so basically anything goes. Would that be a form of betrayal being that you have come outside your type? Eventually when your type comes along, your true feeling towards your initial partner will come to the light. Therefore, you were never really happy your relationship was an act of desperation. I see why it is important to be happy and satisfied in a relationship it helps keep and maintain the happiness in the relationship. I just now understood why standards are so important, it helps you distinguish what you want and don’t want and it is very important to not go below your standards because eventually one will be unhappy BECAUSE you are not satisfied, BECAUSE you are not fulfilling your goals, needs, and standards. Ahhhhhh, do you get it now could that be one of the reasons why people cheat. I guess it all does come down to happiness. I guess what I am trying to say is that if that person is for you they will fit and meet your standards I seen it happen plenty of times and have experienced it personally myself but always remember don’t go below your standards.